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Your Business Package

  • Work with our representative to develop Your Business Package for prospective clients.  Free consultation.

  • Assist nonprofit organizations in getting their nonprofit tax-exempt status, IRS 501(c)(3). 

  • You decide on the size of your profit typically $900.

  • Your clients will receive a large discount in fees for our services when you subcontract with us.

  • Offer your clients a package using any name, e.g., Incorporation and Tax-exemption Package, or you could call it whatever you like.

  • You set the price of your package, e.g., if you set the price at $2,000 (typical), your profit could be either $830 or $380 (see the table below).

  • You put whatever you want into your package.  For example, you could offer a package for $2000 or $2500 that includes Incorporation and Tax-exemption Assistance, Start Up Business CD with IRS forms, Consultation (e.g., 2 hours), web site, monthly newsletter, Coupons for Board development workshops, products you sell, etc.

  • We can help with business development, e.g., client contract forms, marketing, advertisement, and web site development.

Your Business Package: example - $2,000 package for a client in California:


Fees (your cost)

Package A

Package B

DH Ventures fee:



State filing fees (CA):



Federal filing fees:


annual budget $10,000 or less


annual budget over $10,000

     Total Fees






Your Package Price



      (price for your client)    




Profit: Package Price

             minus Total Fees




In Your Business Package, we would work for you as a subcontractor!  For example, if you had a business called Jones & Associates, you could be the President/Owner and we would be one of several companies and consultants that you hire to provide services for your clients.  So, your business card might read, "Jones & Associates, Nonprofit Consultation".


DH Ventures will provide the following services:

   Interview your clients and collect all the required information.

   Talk with your clients about the tasks we are assigned to do, not

   contractual matters.

   Complete all the paperwork to incorporate the organization and then

   to apply for state and federal tax-exemption.

   Provide you with copies of all completed paperwork

How to join us

Sign-up is free, easy, and only takes a few days to process!

Contact us to begin the process:

510 568-3772   info@dhventures.com

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